Analytical Laboratory
research according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

ICB Pharma analytical laboratory was founded to conduct the highest level analyses while maintaining competitive prices and short delivery time.

Our laboratory is located in ICB Pharma brand new premises, meeting the requirements for safe and reliable physico-chemical and analytical testing.

We offer a wide range of analyses, among others:

  • study of the physico–chemical
  • chemical analyses
  • technical properties of the plant protection and biocides products


ICB Pharma is a holder of Good Laboratory Practice Certificate No. 2/2016/GLP given by the Inspector for chemical substances in physico-chemical examinations and chemical analyses.

Performed examinations are matching norms with the OECD, OPTTS, ISO, CIPAC and the regulation of EC 440 / 2008.

Contact us:

Tel.: +48 32 47 54 771

Kom.: +48 695 662 550


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