Bee Attractant

pszczoły na kwiatach

Product for luring bees to targeted crops for improved flower pollination.

Biopolin® contains a blend of natural, aromatic compounds which have very strong, proven abilities to attract bees.

Recommended for use in fruit trees and berries as well as in oilseed rape.

The advanced attractant formulation technology – SLOW RELEASE™ TECHNOLOGY. Controlled release! Prolonged bee attracting effect!

logo Slow Release Technology

The "Biopolin" formula is based on microencapsulation technology (CS). The attractants are enclosed is microcapsules with polymeric shell. After application the compounds are released gradually over time, providing longer attracting activity of the product.


Flowers treated with Biopolin® are more often visited by bees that leads to better pollination, and as a consequence – significant yield improvement.

Available in:

  • 1 L bottles,
Biopolin - 1 litre package