Pesticide-free, physical mode of action alternative to chemical crop protection.

slug and snail

Designed for control of numerous small crop pests such as: spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, scale insects, psyllids.

The mode of action is based on unique physical mechanism.

This introduces a new approach to crop protection!

Siltac®EC contains a unique combination of silicone polymeric compounds. After dilution in water and spraying onto infested plants it spreads quickly on treated surface and then creates three-dimensional polymeric, grid structure (breathable film). The resulting structure covers the pests very tightly and immobilizes them, eventually leading to their death.

logo 3d-isn technology

Polymeric gird structure (silicone sticky film) on the pest body

Siltac®EC is recommended for use in fruit trees and berries, vegetables, ornamental plants, cereals.


Siltac®EC key advantages:

  • The efficacy of the product was proven to be comparable or better over the performance of the best conventional chemical pesticides.
  • It leaves no chemical nasty residues in crops.
  • Because of physical mode of action the product doesn’t induce resistance in pests.
  • Recommended for use in integrated pest management.

Available in:

  • 1 L bottles,
  • 5 L cans,
Siltac EC - packages

Packagings available
for home & garden market:

  • 10 ml,
  • 30 ml,
  • 100 ml.
Siltac EC - home andgarden

*) another trade name of Siltac®EC