An Innovative Approach
To Poultry Mite Management


DERGALL® is designed to immobilise infestations of red poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) and other pests in poultry farming i.e. ticks (Argasidae), biting lice (Mallophaga) and others.

It is recommended for use in all housing systems. Its physical mode of action (immobilisation) eliminates the possibility of the pest becoming resistant to the product. DERGALL® is based on a unique 3D-IPNS™ technology (3D-Immobilizing Polymeric Net Structure).

When applied to a surface, it forms an air-permeable, three-dimensional molecular structure. It causes mechanical immobilization of the pests which causes a significant reduction of their population.  It does not contain pesticides, neurotoxic substances or hazardous chemicals.