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ATTRACIDE is recommended for the control of cockroaches and other crawling insect targets as well as stored product insects (granary weevil, red flour beetle, saw toothed grain beetle) such as use by spot and strip application, also as crack and crevice treatment for the indoor control of infestations in residential, commercial and industrial premises such as warehouses, restaurants, food manufacturing, processing and storage plants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, domestic premises and similar locations.

Product is suitable to be used on both, porous and non-porous surfaces. Effective against German, Oriental, American cockroaches and other cockroach species.

Targetted film application a unique mixture of food grade solid core nano-size capsules with an attractant that lures the insects to the treated site and solid core microcap that hold the active ingredient.

  1. On the treated surface it creates an active encapsulated film.
  2. Attractant lures the insects to the treated site.
  3. Passing insects carry on their bodies the capsules loaded with toxicant into their nest and unknowingly pass them to the members of the colony. After 48 hours the significant reduction of the population is noticeable.

Built on extensive technical data base proved to be highly effective within 24 hours and still performing on new exposure 4 weeks after initial treatment. It has proved to be efficient solution on populations resistant to organophosphates, carbamates and pyrethroids. Novel spot and strip application make the treatment economical becoming a perfect partner for gel technology in emerging markets where spray application still predominates.

Area of coverage:

50 ml / 5 liters of water / 100 m² of treated area.


26 g / litre (2.6 % w / w) of fipronil and 8g/l (0.8% w/w) pyriproxyfen provided in capsulated form.

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