GRANULAR LARVICIDE FOR MOSQUITO CONTROL Controlled delivery formulation an innovative encapsulated larvicide for control mosquitoes before they become breeding, biting adults. It should be used in sites that are known habitats for mosquito species. These include habitats such as flooded lands, permanent water bodies, standing water such as roadside ditches, woodland pools, water containers and highly polluted areas. It is a controlled larvicide deliver formulation disrupting the developmental stages of mosquitoes.

Due to unique mode of action prevents successful growth of mosquito population.

As a photo-stable, water-activated and extended release formulation is highly recommended to be applied on potential areas susceptible to flood inundation. It may be applied with conventionally on ground without any special equipment or as aerial treatment.

The high mass core of the granules ensures targetted application. 


5 g / kg Pyriproxyfen. Also available with (S)-methoprene BTi.


Apply the formulation to a mosquito larvae habitat (water). For best results it can be re-applied after 6 weeks.

Pyrilarv - granulat


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