Slow Release™ Technology

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Nanocapsules (less than 1µm in diameter) containing a rubber-like consistency solid core are loaded with acaricides. Active ingredient diffuses out of solid core at a controlled and determined rate. Consequently, the active substance can be delivered gradually over months.



  1. Longer period of effective action a single use of Allergoff® effectively reduces the level of dust mite allergens for at least six months.
  2. Operational safety The active ingredients are gradually and successively released by the core and polymer walls of the capsules. This makes it possible to maintain a low concentration of those ingredients in sprayed places.
  3. Easier removal of the main allergensThe applied polymer has the property of causing the particles of mite feces (main allergens of dust mites) to adhere to each other. The resulting aggregates may be easily removed with an ordinary vacuum cleaner and they do not float in the air, e.g., when a bed is being made or when children are playing.
  4. Non stain effect of the sprayed surface.
  5. Neutral smell-Bearing in mind sensitive people, formulation contains no emulsifiers or any other additives which frequently have irritating effects.
Allergoff, spray the mattress